Packaging that solves your waste issues

Our solution is producing zero waste and uses no water

Recyclable rewrappable packaging – patented solution

Use of returnable containers


Wrapping of re-usable plastic bottles and other containers in the special film.


Filling the bottles with your product, wholesale, distribution, retail.


Consumer returns used packaging to special collection container and receives the deposit refund.


Collection of returned packaging. Containers are prepared for re-use, the unwrapped film is composted.

Planned use of our solution

What industries can benefit from using our rewrappable packaging?

Food industry

Beverage, cooking oil, dairy industries…

Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

Soaps, shampoo, detergents, cosmetics…

Chemical and petrochemical industry

Glue, paints, chemical, additives…

Other products

Other disposable packaging, containers, etc.